Some of our services

For Sale By Owner


If you're selling your home and want the full range of services, including marketing, negotiations, etc., then we recommend the services of a good Realtor.  

But if you're selling your home yourself, we're here to prepare all of the documents and walk you through the process, including opening escrow and reviewing the title report.

Real Estate Co-Ownership


Co-owning property can be great, but can also be fraught with problems.  Co-owners can ultimately disagree on everything from repainting to selling.  We can help.

If everything is going fine now, we can draft an agreement designed to keep it that way.

But if there's a problem now, we have the solution.



Our philosophy is to do everything reasonably possible to avoid litigation before things get too out-of-hand.

unfortunately, lawsuits are a reality of life and when they're necessary, where here to champion your cause and defend your rights.  With decades of experience behind us, we know what to do.  

Commercial Property


We handle a wide array of commercial real estate services.  Whether you're buying or selling, involved in leasing, or are seeking governmental approvals for your commercial property, we can help get it done.

Real Estate Questions


We meet with many people each week who just need some questions answered and some advice about a specific issue.

We'd love to sit down with you for a one-time basis to help you with what you need to know.  Just call us and make an appointment.

Telephone Consultations Welcome!


We believe the easiest way to help you is, well, the best way to help you.  If you would like to make an appointment for a telephone consultation just let our receptionist know at the time you call.